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Toe Products. Treatment of clubfoot may be conservative, surgical or a combination of both. Amazed you did sports. My gut feeling has been telling me to just keep going, rub on the gel and strive ahead! This was the 2nd time I had surgery just to straighten out my toes. Casting is more successful for those with mild clubfoot and those treated within the first two weeks of birth. Clubfeet are seen , male to female.

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Clubfoot Repair

Clubfoot occurs when a foot and ankle are permanently twisted. In clubfoot, the ligaments and tendons that hold the muscles to the bones are too tight. This causes the tissues around the ankle to hold the foot in an abnormal position. Clubfoot resembles the head of a golf club, which is how it got its name. Doctors usually diagnose it immediately after birth. It's important to diagnose it as soon after birth as possible and start treatment.
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Clubfoot, also known as talipes equinovarus, is a relatively common congenital malformation occurring in approximately births. The term talipes equinovarus describes a deformity in which the newborn's foot is poorly developed in relationship to the leg. The Achilles tendon and posterior ankle are contracted, and the foot is inverted and rotated in relationship to the leg. If left untreated, weight bearing would be on the outside of the foot. Clubfoot is seen more in males than females and occurs most commonly in just one, not both feet. Clubfeet are asymptomatic in the non-ambulatory infant. Fitting of shoes and walking may be difficult.
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I just wanted to see if anyone else struggles and what they do. I am 30 years old and was born with clubfoot in both of my feet. I have had numerous operations from been 6 weeks old, however, all I hear is now that you have to live with it and take tablets for the rest of my life and look to rest your feet. I am currently taking tramadol and amitriptyline for when I go to bed. I am currently working 40 hours have a nice desk job but the pain still comes. My partner wants me to reduce my hours but this hurts my pride.
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